Best Xiaomi Smartphones 2018

We are looking at the best Xiaomi Mi and Xiaomi Redmi smartphones available in 2018

If you have never heard of Xiaomi before, then you are about to move on! It is a huge consumer electronics company based in China that pushes the boundaries of import technology.

In the United Kingdom, they are mainly known for their range of smartphones of excellent manufacturing quality. They also make products as diverse as electric scooters, air purifiers, smart trainers, selfie sticks, robot vacuums and baby carriers!

Over the past two years, they have established themselves as the top-notch Chinese import brand against other Chinese giants such as Huawei, Oppo and OnePlus.

With their well-established reputation in China, 2018 will be the year they cross the West with stores on the ground. At the beginning of November 2017, Xiaomi started selling in Europe and the Yi brand owned by Xiaomi was sold directly by Amazon for a while.

Before long, you will see the Xiaomi mobiles offered directly in the retail trade as less expensive Apple, but with the same high-end aluminum designs.

So, what sets the Xiaomi apart from the myriad of mobile brands that have emerged in recent years?

In other words, build quality and choice.

Need a flagship phone with a great camera? There is a Xiaomi for that! Need an affordable device running with the latest version of Android? Do you want the latest technology without glasses? Xiaomi has you covered.

So now that you know a little more about Xiaomi, let’s get down to business!



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