Do you have to choose a Xiaomi Mi or a Xiaomi Redmi for your next smartphone?

Redmi is the economic sub-brand of Xiaomi, which markets phones at exceptional value.

Although they retain Xiaomi’s outstanding build quality, Redmi phones typically work with lower specifications, with slightly less sophisticated design language – but it’s a trade-off for the lowest price.

It might be interesting to get a new version of Redmi instead of choosing a Mi device that has been on the market for quite some time to make sure you get the new features like an 18: 9 screen.

So, what is the catch?

Like many smartphone manufacturers that we offer on Review Hub, Xiaomi does not sell directly to the UK. This gives you 2 choices.

You can buy it directly in China or pay “over the odds” for a device imported by another person. See our Smartphone Buying Guide for practical tips.

You can find the number of different variants of the same disconcerting phone. In addition to the Mi A1, there are many versions of the other 4 phones on our list. The main differences concern the amount of RAM and internal storage offered.

Another difference you need to be aware of is the region for which the smartphone was produced. Most models exist in Chinese, global and international forms. I would certainly suggest that you stay away from “Chinese” versions. Google Play will not be installed on these.

The global version will be configured in English and will have access to Google services. Please be aware that these are usually ROMs that have been installed by the provider. This means that the phone can run unofficial software and be slightly slower to get operating system updates.

The international version will have the official Xiaomi software and another major bonus. It supports the LTE 20 / 800MHz band, which most Xiaomis do not have.

see the another article on my review on  Xiaomi.

Some UK telephony networks only operate their 4G services on band 20, so it is worth taking into account. See our handy guide for more information.



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