Black Shark – Big Game Hunter: A review on Xiaomi

Xiaomi was obviously taking note when Razer launched his gaming phone at the end of 2017, as they recently announced the Black Shark. Even ignoring the game credentials at the moment, it’s an absolute phone monster grade. Packing the Snapdragon 845 processor with 8GB of RAM, this shark is clearly one of the biggest fish in the sea.


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So, what is the particularity of Black Shark? Why is this a gaming phone? First, there is a Shark Key button on the side that activates the high performance game mode. This works in parallel with a single liquid cooling system to make sure it is not too hot to handle. You will also be able to get a joystick that allows you to control all your games. I’m already thinking about the possibilities related to PUBG!

Some of us were expecting more, however. Personally, I would have liked to see a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz for a game screen, but that would be all too greedy and would have been very interesting.

We are eager to attack this monster from the depths. Stay tuned for our next evaluations!


Xiaomi Mi A2 – Pure Android Goodness

The Mi A1 was one of the most popular smartphones of the last 12 months, combining Xiaomi’s unrivaled value for money with an Android One barebone experience.


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This time, they’ve added all the benefits you want to the newest device and you’ll get the best Android phone available without a pixel.

You want the Snapdragon 660 premium processor with up to 6GB of RAM, you’ve got it! How about an 18: 9 FHD + screen housed in an ultra thin 7.3mm case? Sure thing! And to simplify the deal, Xiaomi has updated the already impressive configuration of the Mi A1 camera. The Mi A2 will have an AI enhanced video camera system that, according to Xiaomi, will outperform the iPhone X!

Since this is 2018, you get a USB C charge, but no headphone jack. And this super slim body can only hold a 3010 mAh battery, but with the efficient processor and the bloat-free operating system, it will last forever all day long.


Redmi Note 5 – Mid-range Master

Note 5 is the latest addition to the series to conquer Redmi Note and by far the best Redmi brand phone we’ve seen.


There is so much to do for the Redmi Note 5. The quality of construction is still there. The display, in the now ubiquitous 18: 9 ratio, is clear and bright. The Snapdragon 636 offers significant performance gains over the 625 of Note 4. The camera also approaches the flagship category, providing exceptional quality in well-lit scenes. And finally, as always, the life of the battery is among the best in the class.

Ok, there are some rumors … The loading by micro-USB seems very old, and it is about the time spent by NFC to reach this segment of the market. But these are not major concerns and do not detract from the whole.

If you are one of the millions who have a Redmi Note 4, I think the performance, display and camera improvements justify the upgrade. If you have never owned a Redmi note before the time!

Redmi 5 Plus – Bargain All-rounder

The Redmi 5 Plus was released late 2017, with a bit of confusion. what was that? Was it the replacement of the Redmi Note 4? Had Xiaomi killed their series of notes?


With the same Snapdragon 625 processor that we saw in the Redmi Note 4, Mi A1 and Mi Max, as well as 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage, everything seemed rather familiar. He even borrowed the camera sensor Omnivision that impressed us so much in the Mi A1, even if it’s only one goal.

But, the Redmi 5 Plus had something no other Xiaomi phone had – a stunning 5.99-inch 18: 9 FHD + display! Of course, no one wants an old-fashioned 16: 9 display in 2018 …

The processor becomes a bit long in the tooth, but nevertheless provides efficient and effective performance. Combined with the 4000mAh battery, the Redmi 5 Plus is a bit of a stamina champion. The camera’s performance is above average and, overall, the 5 Plus is very versatile.

While initially perceived as a disappointment, the Redmi 5 Plus has become a real success. This is his peak price, making him a champion of the “bang for buck”! OK, there is no shortage of USB C, NFC and dual camera configurations, but the rest of the data sheet shows a phone that can happily deal with much more expensive devices.

Now that the Redmi Note 5 has been released, the price of 5 Plus has been pushed even lower … track down this case and you will not be disappointed!

Xiaomi and Redmi – The best of rest!

Whatever Xiaomi phone you buy, you get what you pay for. For an even better value, look at the latest generation of models below.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 – The flagship without a screen

Launched in 2016, the original Mi Mix could be considered the device that triggered the craze for the bezel that we experienced in 2017, and the Mi Mix 2 has a more refined version of this winning recipe.


Of course, it’s all about the screen with Mix 2, every 5.99 inches! The display is configured in “bezel-less sort” format, which means that the edges are thin on the top and sides. A standard size bezel under the screen houses the selfie camera. This screen offers a screen 10% larger than the 5.5 inch unit of the Redmi Note 4, in a body of only 0.5%.

With this epic display, the Mi Mix has the screen aspect of 18: 9 rigor with all the benefits it brings. With its exceptional screen and elegant design, the Mi Mix 2 is truly a beauty. But … its beauty is soon tainted when the ceramic body quickly picks up fingerprints.

Having said that it was all about screen, I’m going to contradict myself now. It’s actually NOT everything on the screen with the Mi Mix 2! Under the hood, it has a Snapdragon 835 processor with 6GB of RAM, which means it can legitimately claim to be Xiaomi’s second flagship phone in 2017 after the Mi 6.


In fact, the size of the screen, apart from the two devices, is remarkably similar to a major difference. The Mi Mix 2 has only one camera, so you will miss the portrait mode that the Mi 6 can offer you. If you can live without it, then the Mi Mix 2 is the closest thing you’ll get on an iPhone X on Android



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