Harvard University MBA Scholarship by The Boustany Foundation

The Harvard MBA is one of the world’s leading business programs, taught at one of the world’s most prestigious universities. The Bustany MBA Harvard Scholarship is awarded once every two years for a two-year course at Harvard Business School.

The Bustany Foundation is actively promoting and managing scholarship and aid programs, all of which have ambitious development plans, global reach and reach. New scholarships for talented and promising individuals are being created. Each year, new projects offering opportunities for disadvantaged children are proposed and completed.

Location: United States

Advantages of this Program:

Financial assistance of $ 90,000 ($ 45,000 per year) for tuition fees

Travel and accommodation expenses related to the internship.

Successful researchers will be required to complete a two-month unpaid internship with the Foundation. The projects are varied and concern the activities of the Foundation or those of its partners.

Travel and accommodation expenses related to the internship are covered by the Foundation.


Candidates must have excellent university education and a lot of promise.

Although the scholarship can be awarded to candidates from any country, priority will be given to candidates of Lebanese origin.

Applicants can apply for the scholarship only after receiving an admission offer from the Harvard MBA program.

Eligible regions: Open to all


Apply online via the given link.

Registration deadline: May 31, 2019



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