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The Stellar Community, a member of the Ivan Ezeigbo Foundation (IEZEF), has launched an international awards program, The Stellar Prize. The Stellar Award is a prestigious award for outstanding youth (ages 14 to 45) who have demonstrated exceptional talent or skill in any written work. The Stellar Prize is one of the projects of The Stellar Community, whose mission is to empower young talents, in Africa and around the world, to take action. This year, the Stellar Prize focuses on poetry and news. The price is usually in the form of cash prizes and certificates. In addition to this, the expenses to attend the award ceremony, which will be held in Cape Verde for the 1st Stellar Prize, are covered by The Stellar Community. The award ceremony takes place in a different country each year. To learn more about the Stellar community, please visit the official website. The Stellar Award is usually awarded each year.

Location: online

Advantages of this Program:

=> The Stellar price is divided into three categories:

Junior Stellar Prize (for 14-24 year olds)

only for participants in Africa

Winner of first place: 700,000 Naira (about 2,000 USD)

Second place winner: 400,000 Naira (about 1,200 USD)

Third place winner: 200,000 naira (about 600 USD)

Plus 4 Honorable Mentions

Stellar African Award (for children ages 19 to 45)

only for participants in Africa

First place winner: 1 million Naira (about 3,000 USD)

Second place winner: 500,000 naira (about $ 1,400)

Third place winner: 250,000 Naira (about 700 USD)

Plus 4 Honorable Mentions

The Stellar International Award (for ages 18 to 45)

only for participants from outside Africa

First place winner: 1 million Naira (about 3,000 USD)

Second place winner: 500,000 naira (about $ 1,400)

Third place winner: 250,000 Naira (about 700 USD)

Fourth place: 100,000 Naira (about 300 USD)

More 5 Honorable Mentions

All winners will be invited to the awards ceremony in early April 2019 in the beautiful island of Cape Verde. The cost of flight, hotel accommodation and food during the award period would be covered by the Stellar community.

The awards ceremony would be filmed by some of the largest media stations in Africa.

Opportunity to meet great dignitaries of literature in Africa and beyond.

All participants receive a certificate of participation.

The winners would see their works published and receive royalties on their works.

The winners would be considered members of the Stellar community. Joining The Stellar Community is a golden privilege that offers the opportunity to obtain scholarships, find employment in large companies / organizations, fund projects and investments. Stellar community members are equipped to succeed in their areas of interest and have the power to impact others. Stellar Community membership applications for regular applicants are usually only open once a year for a period of one month.

All participants, whether winners or not, have the chance to win the Stellar Youth Award, which is priced at 1.5 million Naira (about $ 4,300).


You must meet the age requirement for the category for which you are applying.

Any nationality or professional origin may participate but must be in the appropriate category.

Entries must be unpublished poems or news.

Poems can not exceed 45 lines, and short stories should not exceed 2000 words.

All poems written in another language must be translated into English. An exception to limit the number of rows is allowed for this case.

All poems are submitted online on the official website. Only submissions made via this official site are accepted.

Past winners of the Stellar Youth Award are not eligible for the competition

There is a bidding fee of $ 5 (about $ 1,800 naira) for the first entry and $ 3 (about $ 1,000) for the following entries for the first bid. Several submissions and entries are allowed.

Eligible regions: open for all


All submissions must be made online on our website at The submission form can be found on the official website.

Deadline for submission: June 11, 2018; bidding fee: $ 5 (approximately 1,800 naira) for first entry; $ 3 (about 1,000 naira) for additional entries.

Second deadline for submission: November 8, 2018; bidding fee: $ 7 (about 2,500 naira) for the first



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